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Nilsmaster Lures. "Nils Master & Bete lures from Finland – The professional choice for every fishing enthusiast." Manufacturing highest quality fishing lures under the trade names of Nils Master & Bete. Designed in 1965 the Nils Master lure range has developed into a wide range of different models, sizes and effective colour choices. In 1978 trade name Bete joined the family. For over fifty years the Nils Master lures have proved that the effect that the lure creates is more important than the external imitation. There are probably no small fish anywhere that resemble the plump, all red Spearhead lure, but strangely enough, predatory fish in all waters lust after this basic Nils Master wobbler. “The attraction of a lure is a compromise between movement and colours. Or a conflict. It’s something you can’t fully explain”, say the brothers Hannu & Kalevi Kangas from experience. The brothers sense of colour is regarded as a real strength. Nils Master brought colour to lures in a revolution of stripes and parrot colouring. Finlandia-Uistin Oy pay careful attention to feedback from fishing enthusiasts from all around the world and hints are always applied in product development. This is how good lures are made even better – to provoke the fish and satisfy the customer. The result is that today Spearhead, Invincible, Stalwart, Haka, Jumbo, DartMaster, Big Mouth, Jigger, Rotinkainen, Lotto are names familiar to fishermen around the world. When you purchase a Nils Master lure you have comfort knowing it catches fish because every Nils Master model must prove its worth in years of testing before reaching the shops. Every lure is individually quality controlled, hand tuned and swim tested before packaging. Wherever fish tales of record catches are being told, you’ll also hear fishermen singing the praises of Nils Master & Bete lures and their aggressive fishing properties. Enjoy fishing with Nils Master & Bete fishing lures.
  • Nils Master Big Mouth 7.5mm 6g Lure
    The metal lip versions were primarily made for Australia request for a stronger lip that would stand up to very tough sea fishing conditions off the coast of Australia. A Finnish design product, Nils Master Big Mouth lure, which introduced itself in the Young Nordic Design Generation X touring exhibition in America and Europe 2001, will set out on a second world tour to conquer international fishing waters. The Big Mouth lure represents modern opening in the Finnish lure culture. Designer Tani Muhonen's specimen of skill attracted attention in the Young Forum 2000 exhibition in Finland, from where Finlandia Uistin Oy snatched the new-shaped deceiver of game fish for a development version among its NILS MASTER models. Tani Muhonen characterizes his creation as a hydrodynamic lure. He has adapted observations on fishing waters, aquarium and even engine technology in its design. The final contruction was executed as a computer modelling . The plug imitates an alarmed little fish both in form and action. It serves both as a spinning lure and in trolling. Pike, perch, trout, rainbow trout, bass and such specialities as Saimaa salmon and Vantaa asp have chewed the prototype in test use. Different from the other lures Big Mouth gets its movement from the flow of water run through its body. All parts of a traditional plug are integrated in the form of the body. The gaping mouth serves as the lip of the plug. The form of the water channel accelerates flowing like the throat of a carburettor, and gives the lure original , devious vibration, Mr. Muhonen summarizes the technique. Size / Weight / Swimming depth 7,5 cm / 6 g / 1 m 11 cm / 22 g / 2 m

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  • Nils Master Norjig 10cm 75g Silver Lure
    Ideal for jigging from a boat in summer time and winter ice-fishing. When jigging from a boat the Norjig will drop quickly to the bottom and by re-peating big upward pulls and allowing it to drop back down the Norjig falls with a fluttering motion which will arouse the fish to strike. Also can be cast away from the boat and retrieved. For casting method: Cast Norjig into a good-looking location and let it settle to the desired depth before starting to retrieve. It is recommended to use a slow retrieve which allows the Norjig to make a slight flutter action and flashing of its sides. Suitable for a large variety of fresh and salt water fish species. Enjoy fishing with Nils Master lures.

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  • Nils Master Invincible Deep Runner Lure
    The metal lip versions were primarily made for Australia request for a stronger lip that would stand up to very tough sea fishing conditions off the coast of Australia.

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    Floating NILSMASTER lure 12 CM 24 GRAM

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